Confusion over the price of icon players

15/01/2012 09:20

Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) governing body started playing hide and seek game regarding the price of icon players after they created a discrimination between local and foreign players over the base price. It was decided that the icon players will get five percent more of his team’s highest paid player regardless the foreign or local.
But the franchises on January 11 meeting with BPL and Game On Sports Management demanded that the icon players will get five percent more of only the highest paid local player of the team since the base price of the foreign players were higher than the local players.

Category A foreign player’s base price was fixed at US$ 1 lakh while the category A local player’s floor price was US$ 45, 000. Category B foreign player’s base price was US$ 50,000 when the category B local player’s base price was US$ 30,000. On the other hand, category C foreign player’s base price was US$ 30,000 while the category C local player’s floor price was decided US$ 20,000.

It is believed that the franchise would have to draw a staggering amount should they want to buy player like Chris Gayle, Muttiah Muralitharan or some renowned players.Basically thinking those factors, the franchises demanded to pay the icon players five percent more of the highest paid local players.
Though the franchises requested the BPL to take decision regarding the matter on January 11 meeting, the BPL governing body is yet to decide about that.
BPL member secretary Sirajuddin Alamgir indeed denied that he was informed about that from the franchises.“Like you some journalists informed me about this. We are yet to get any written application from the franchises,” Alamgir said.

However Sylhet Division CEO Uday Hakim said that they brought the matter to BPL’s notice on January 11 meeting.
“We verbally informed them about that. If they want written application we’ll definitely give them. Still we’ve two days left as we’ve to finalise all within January 16.”Alamgir said that they will think about the matter once they’ll get the formal application from the franchises.
“If they can show the valid point regarding the matter, there is no reason to reject it.”The franchises got the limitation to spend US$ 3 million for their total cost including buying players, recruiting coach, assistant coach, physiotherapist, physical trainer, computer analyst, media manager and others.